Staffing is the process of finding the right worker with appropriate qualifications or experience and recruiting them to fill a job position or role. In management, staffing is an operation of recruiting the employees by evaluating their skills and knowledge before offering them specific job roles accordingly. We at Dlplacements provide staffing to both IT and non IT companies.

Permanent Staffing

Major recruitment needs of companies are on a permanent basis. At Dlplacements we believe in finding the right person who not only suits the prescribed role but also fits into the company’s overall picture. Our methodical Executive search process has been proved to be one of the best techniques for this segment. Based on them given brief, Dlplacements conducts a search for top-notch candidates from its rich database, pre-screens him/her, sets up interviews and continues the process till the client organization finds the right individual.

Flexi Staffing

The present day HR market is witnessing some vibrant changes and Flexi Staffing is one of them. Flexi Staffing also referred to as Contract Staffing enables companies to get their work done without the cumbersome process of recruiting, training and the liability associated with being the employer. Dlplacements provides clients with suitable manpower to match their short-term or temporary requirements.

Temporary-to-Permanent service

In the increasingly competitive scenario, we offer an innovative service. Our clients can hire associates first as temporary employees for a trial period. Subsequent to their satisfactory performance, the client can choose to absorb the temporary worker into its permanent fold. This is an effective business strategy that enables companies to extensively ‘test’ the abilities of the candidate and later absorb him/her. Similarly the employee will also get a feel of the organizational environment and hence a mutual agreement after the trail is beneficial to both.

We are specialized in following Verticals

  •  IT and Software
  •  Marketing & Sales
  •  HR Management
  •  BFS & Insurance
  •  ITES & BPO
  •  Finance & Accounting
  •  Manufacturing & Production Industry
  •  Telecom

So whatever be your requirement in the recruitment field, we are here to fulfill those requisites - both effectively and efficiently.