Soft skills Training

soft skills training - dlplacementTechnical skills are important, but if your colleagues have same skills as you, your soft skills differentiate you from them and help you to advance in career. No matter how good your technical skills are, if your soft skills are weak, you cannot succeed in your career. At Dlplacments, we believe soft skills give you an empowerment – the power to create and take advantage of opportunities. Our soft skills program is devised to scale you up in the following areas.

Group Discussion

Group discussion is conducted to check your ability to communicate clearly, act as a team player and lead the group. Unfortunately, Group Discussion is not part of academics in most of the colleges, and students find it difficult to excel in group discussion. Most of the Non-IT and IT Companies conduct Group Discussion during their selection process. After completing the soft skills training, we start with training on basic Group Discussion skills. Then we conduct mock GDs and provide individual and group feedback which will help you to correct your mistakes and hone your skills. We conduct adequate Group Discussions to ensure that you gain confidence and excel well.

Interview Skills

Interview is the final leg of the job recruitment process and employees determine whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job role. Basically, the technical and soft skills of the candidate are tested during interview. Mock interviews are conducted by professionals from reputed companies. Feedback sessions will be conducted and suggestions for improvement will be provided, which can be incorporated in future interviews.