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Dlplacements is a recruitment firm that aims at acting as the ‘middle man’ between the employer and an employee.

About Us

About Us

What We Do

Dlplacements is a recruitment firm that aims at acting as the all important ‘middle man’ between the employer and an employee. As demanded by our employers, we invest careful consideration in the selection of people for various jobs, and value them both as the most important assets of the company

We intend to work with employers across a variety of industries; helping them to attract, select, engage and retain the talent they require to succeed. We deliver targeted personnel to relevant job centers so that they are most suited for the job intended. Our endeavor is to bring candidates to the largest selection of relevant positions from as many possible sources.

Why Dlplacements?

We are dynamic, customer oriented and friendly and we guarantee you will receive a quality service, tailored to meet your specific recruitment needs. Our management team has HR experience ranging from 2-8 years and has been chosen for their professionalism and expertise. We are confident that, with our resources and capable assistance we would be able to meet your requirements in a professional and satisfactory manner.

Team Dlplacements

  •  One to one interaction for better understanding.
  •  9-5 x 6 Client Service to serve you better.
  •  More than matching CV’s we match Clients to Job Seekers.
  •  Working on 1:3 ratios to increase quality results & effective Time management.

Our Values

  •  Integrity : We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional, ethics, honesty and trust.
  •  Respect : We treat everyone with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness.
  •  Collaboration : We work as team and share knowledge for continuous improvement, learning and innovation.
  •  Empowerment : We are empowered to deliver operational excellence through innovation and leadership at all levels.
  •  Responsibility : We take responsibility for fulfilling our commitments to colleagues and clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability inherent in those commitments.
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Which We Are Offering


At Dlplacements, with unwavering focus on quality and consistency, we offer our clients comprehensive recruitment services. In the present dynamic corporate scenario, we constantly upgrade our skill set to not only meet the increasing demand for right talent ...


Staffing is the process of finding the right worker with appropriate qualifications or experience and recruiting them to fill a job position or role. In management, staffing is an operation of recruiting the employees by evaluating their skills and knowledge ...


Resume is a most important tool when applying for a job. It doesn't matter how qualified a candidate is, or how much experience a candidate have - if resume is poorly presented or badly written, the candidate will have more trouble getting the job or even an interview ....


Technical skills are important, but if your colleagues have same skills as you, your soft skills differentiate you from them and help you to advance in career. No matter how good your technical skills are, if your soft skills are weak, you cannot succeed in your career ...


Project for MBA is prepared to expose students to the operations of a firm and its administration. The students in the process learns about the concepts used behind structuring of a business model and at the same time works on the issue identified ...


An Internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees called “interns”, to work at a firm for a fixed, limited period of time. Let’s make it simpler for you – it’s a job before the actual job, a peek into your career before it actually start ...

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